Albert Cooper

Certified Massage Therapist



By Albert Cooper

Expand the band of love. Reach out more and help. Giver your time and listen.

To the burdens and joys. Be present for the almighty.

Sing mantras, play music. Learn something new. When you increase an activity take it slowly.

For each addition, let love multiply. Count how many souls you're reached in this hemisphere.

Start with a handful. Let each one be a teacher.

Judge not your neighbor. Be a vehicle, drive, help, and offer assistance. Do when requested.

Let the requests expand. Be a positive conduit of change.

Wholeness will become completeness.

As Monk on The Go says: "May I be well, May I be happy, May I be peaceful..."

As Thich Nhat Hann says: "May I, you we, all, teachers, family, friends,  acquaintances, customers, all beings everywhere and without exception be blessed with peace, joy, loving kindness and compassion." Use these words in an exercise program either seated or standing to inspire yourself and others.



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