Albert Cooper

Certified Massage Therapist



I would like to say hello and introduce myself to you. I have been practicing massage since 2001 and also enjoy teaching acu-yoga. I have been married as of June 12, 1971 to Pauline. I have two wonderful girls: Toni and Sharon. My grand children are extra special since they are so aware and so much fun.

My training includes some excellent teachers: Michael Reed Gach in Acupressure and Acu-Yoga (over 150 hours), Ben Benjamin (Orthopedic Massage), Claire Marie Miller (Reflexology), Elin (Yoga), other massage therapists and healing touch practitioners in the Richmond area. My teachers are my clients and students, videos I watch, books I read, classes I have taken and information and potlucks with The Vegetarian Society of Richmond.

I can cite Stress Management techniques but one of the best ways is to walk with a friend in the park. I also have A Wish:

May everyone be happy, may everyone live in inner peace and happiness, may our daily contacts inspire us to achieve even greater achievements by reaching out to family, friends and the people we meet each day.

Please call for an appointment in Richmond, VA or Venice, FL at 804-350-7287 or email at

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